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https://www.collegedekho.com/ College Site
https://www.cuemath.com Education Related Sites
https://india.curejoy.com/ Health Related Sites
https://www.docsapp.in/ Doctor Sites
http://www.doorkeys.com/ Real State
https://www.fisdom.com/ Policy
https://fitpass.co.in/ Health Related Sites
https://fitpass.co.in/ Loan Related Sites
https://flyrobe.com/ Clothes Related Sites
https://foyr.com/ Furniture Related Site
http://www.flipclass.com/ Education Related Sites
https://golflan.com/ Sport Related Sites Golf
https://www.gozefo.com Shopping Relted Sites
http://www.hashtaag.com/ Mobile Apps Relted Sites
https://www.healthians.com/ Policy Health Related Sites
https://healthifyme.com/ Health Related Sites
https://imarticus.org/ Career Related Sites
https://indialends.com/ Loan Related Sites
https://www.innovaccer.com/ Health Related Sites
https://www.ixigo.com/ Travel Related Sites
https://www.jaypore.com/# Clothes Related Sites
https://juspay.in/ Mobile Payment Browser Sites
https://justride.in/ JustRide offers car rental services on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis for users to self-drive.
https://loantap.in/ Loan Related Sites
https://magicpin.in/ Online Shoping Sites
http://medecube.com/ Doctor Or Health Related Sites
https://www.melorra.com Jewelry Related Sites
http://mihup.com/index.php/home Mihup, a Bangalore-based startup, offers support in finding out information on travel, sports, news, entertainment, etc.
https://www.melorra.com/ Jewelry Related Sites
https://www.modasta.com/ Health Related Sites
http://mystifly.com/ Airline Consulting Site
https://www.itsmysun.com/ Solor Related Sites
https://www.neogrowth.in/ Loan Related Sites
http://ninjacart.in/ Ninjacart is a B2B marketplace connecting fruit and vegetable brands directly with retailers and restaurants in Bangalore.
https://petoo.in/ Food Related Sites
https://playsimple.in/ Online Game Related Sites
https://www.getpostman.com/ Postman is the most powerful API testing suite for developers to test, develop, and document APIs used by more than 3 million developers and 30000 companies worldwide.
https://www.rawpressery.com/ RAW Pressery, a Mumbai-based startup, is the country’s first healthy cold-pressed juice cleanse manufacturer.
https://runnr.in/ Food Related Sites
https://sagacito.com/ Sagatico, a recently launched SaaS startup, helps businesses maximize profits and market share by using data science and machine learning.
https://www.salebhai.com/ SaleBhai, an e-commerce startup based in Gujarat, supplies customers with consumables and other items from specific regions.
http://www.schoolwear.in/ Schoolwear.in, a Mumbai-based startup, is an online portal for purchasing school supplies and uniforms.
http://www.seclore.com/ Seclore is helping organizations achieve their data security & compliance objectives by controlling who, when, and where someone can access information.
https://sharechat.com/ ShareChat is a rising content platform available in four Indian languages for Indians to share and discover content in their vernacular language.
https://sheroes.com/ Sheroes is a member only career network and online job portal, designed specifically to find the best jobs for women in India that match their qualifications.
http://www.shoppinpal.com/ ShoppinPal integrates with the industry’s leading point-of-sale systems and turns social media and location-based app users into customers.
http://shopsup.com/ ShopsUp app is a virtual marketplace to help consumers find local fashion products from nearby retail stores and incentivises users on walk-in and on purchases.
https://www.sminq.com/ Sminq, founded in 2015, aims to eliminate long physical queues by taking them online.
https://www.tablehero.com/ TableHero is a Bangalore-based technology startup founded by talented engineering and product design folks that helps restaurants build their websites and manage their digital presence.
https://www.tinystep.in/ Tinystep is a vertical social network and India’s largest parenting network connecting parents to help each other in their everyday parenting journey.
https://www.truebil.com/ Car Selling Sites
https://www.uniphore.com/ Uniphore, a Chennai-based technology startup, allows any software application to understand and respond to natural human speech.
https://velvetcase.com/ VelvetCase aims to create a luxury shopping experience and to be the cultural destination for fine jewelry lovers.
http://www.veritasfin.in/ Veritas Finance, a mortgage broking firm based in Tamil Nadu, provides financial services to the customers like developers engaged in the informal sector.
https://www.vistarooms.com/ Hotel Room Booking Service
https://www.voonik.com/ Online Shoping Sites
https://en-sa.wadi.com/ Wadi.com is an online marketplace for customers in Saudi Arabia. They aim to be Middle East’s biggest e-commerce company.
https://www.wholesalebox.in/ Wholesalebox.in, founded in 2015, is an e-commerce portal for wholesale buying and selling across India.
http://www.wowexpress.in/ WOW Express is a B2B logistics solution provider. This Mumbai-based startup offers a full range of integrated solutions for e-commerce customers.
http://www.xpressbees.com/ A Pune-based startup, XpressBees is a customer centric last mile delivery management company and one of the most trusted e-commerce supply chain and logistics specialists in India.
http://www.yepme.com/ Yepme, a Gurgaon-based startups, is an Indian online shopping website for clothing, shoes, and accessories.
https://yourdost.com/ YourDOST is an online platform to help users anonymously seek help from counsellors regarding their personal, professional, and academic life.
http://www.yumlane.in/ Yumlane, a food startup launched in March 2016, offers affordable on-the-go hot snacks and meals for the modern day busy Indians with express delivery to make their lives easier.
https://www.freshworks.com/marketing-automation/conversion-rate-optimization/?ref=zarget A SaaS company, Zarget provides heat maps, funnel analysis, A/B testing, & split URL testing based conversion rate optimization software.
https://www.zendrive.com/ Zendrive is dedicated to improve safety for passengers and drivers worldwide using hardware-free data and analytics to optimize your driving in under 30 minutes.
https://zilingo.com/en-th/ Zilingo is an online marketplace for businesses and sellers (small sellers included) to have unprecedented access to buyers.

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